Gballz Custom Gman Logo

Custom Logo

Regular price $15.00 USD

The cost is for embossing on all of the ballz you order today.
1. Example - 36 ballz with the same logo $100
2. Example - 3 sets of 7 ballz with a different logo on each set $100 x 3 = $300.00.
3. Full emboss of a logo on every panel except for the Gballz panel, $135 for the die
$15 setup fee and $4 additional for each ball to be embossed on all panels.

Custom logo for your company or just some fancy text of your name. Art must be solid black, with no 1/2 tones or grayscale. I will then recreate the art in the format needed to make the die. This one-time die fee. The initial order of ballz will be stamped at no additional cost. Future orders will have a $15 price per every 12 ballz. The die will last nearly forever and will remain the property of Gballz. You are paying for the service, labour and manipulation of your custom art, not the physical die.

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